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Family Law

Legal issues involving family conflict can be traumatic. The relationships you have with your children, extended family and friends are seriously impacted. What might have been stressful and difficult prior to the legal action now becomes even more intense and complicated.

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The family finances that supported one home now have to be divided to support two homes. Children now have to share their time with each parent separately. Friends and other support systems that you had prior to the divorce may no longer be there after the divorce.

I have found over the years that most cases can be resolved amicably, without sacrificing my client’s position. They often can be resolved quicker and with less cost. No one knows the facts and circumstances of the case better than the people involved in it. They are the ones that control the final outcome by making the critical decisions instead of a strange judge.

Generally speaking, an amicable solution will result in a lasting solution, minimizing the need to return to court at a later date. It is the best situation for everyone involved, especially the children.