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Collaborative Law

The collaborative process can be used to resolve many types of lawsuits without going to court. It is an approach that is especially effective in family law disputes, including divorce and custody modifications. A team of specially trained professionals work together in a respectful, honest environment where information is shared in good faith, using negotiation and problem solving to try and reach a fair and equitable resolution of the case. Each party is represented by a specially trained attorney whose only job is to help his/her client settle the dispute. Other members of the team can include mental health specialists and financial experts.

The participating professionals are picked on a case by case basis, taking into consideration the legal, financial, and emotional needs and issues the family is facing. The parties and their attorneys work together with these professionals to resolve all issues by providing professional support and the information and resources necessary to help the parties resolve together all pending issues.

This collaborative process creates a present and future environment of less conflict and more security for all members of the family, thus providing them an opportunity to rebuild the trust and communication skills they will need not only during the pending lawsuit, but later on, years after the dispute is resolved. It is a process where ultimately everyone can win, especially the children.

Benefits of Collaborative Law in Georgia

  • The parties involved in the legal dispute have a professional team of specialists to help guide and support them by working toward settlement in a non-adversarial environment.
  • Access to professionals to address specific related matters that result from the legal dispute
  • Provides parties and family members with new tools to help problem solve
  • The parties have more control over the final settlement by using this team approach
  • Provides a means to resolve all issues of the legal dispute in a fair and amicable manner
  • Reduces chances of future litigation because there is a greater likelihood that the final settlement will be long lasting into the future
  • Less stressful and less hostile environment for everyone involved, especially the children
  • Potentially less expensive
  • Resolution reached potentially in less time
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